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Making a difference in the lives of people with a learning disability

Making a difference in the lives of people with a learning disability

Making a difference in the lives of people with a learning disabilityMaking a difference in the lives of people with a learning disabilityMaking a difference in the lives of people with a learning disability

Working together to empower people and positively change lives.

We are a support provider for people with a learning disability, mental health issue or head injury. 

We have passion and dedication that is unrivalled. We actively put the people we support first.  

About Us


Darron Nixon - Managing Director

  Darron Nixon, the Managing Director, is a Nurse in Learning Disability and has worked in the field of Learning Disability and Mental Health for over 35 years. Darron has worked in services as a Nurse and Area Manager. He has been instrumental in transforming services for people with disabilities in the North East and has helped the closure of the residential sectors in Northgate and Prudhoe Hospitals under the Valuing People Agenda. He worked in commissioning for 19 years latterly working for Durham County Council developing supported living services.

Darron then began his own Not For Profit company, Inspire Insight CIC, to help service providers deliver the very best person centred services for people with learning disabilities, mental health and other issues. Within his role he is now committed to making Accept Care one of the best person centred companies there is. 

Darron believes 'Quality will be determined by the satisfaction of the people we support.'

Inspire Insight still exists as a consultancy company where Darron still does offer the occassional advice, support and encouragement for different non profit companies who needs support and advice in the social care economy. 


Tracy Daley - Operations Director

   Tracy is uncompromising in her passion for delivering the best possible care for the people we support.  Tracy is a massive influence in  putting  the people we support first in everything we do and makes no apologies for it. Tracy has worked in a number of care settings in the past and has learned what is important in developing great support for people with learning disabilities and or mental health issues. Tracy is often directly involved in people's care and is a well known and loved figure in the services where we offer support.   


Tracy Nixon - Director of Quality and Compliance

 is another very dedicated member of the board. Tracy puts hope back into people's lives with a legendary degree of care and optimism for people to achieve their potential. Tracy has worked in a variety of settings and has a special interest in helping people get out of financial crises. Tracy not only believes in putting people first but that it is essential to put clear systems in place that create accountability to service users and organises staff in such a way to deliver great services in a compassionate way.  


Fred Grand - Director


Fred is another very dedicated member of the board.  currently works part time within the transforming care agenda within the NHS.  Fred worked with Durham County Council for many years leading on housing and commissioning in Learning Disability.  Fred was responsible for helping establish many supported housing developments in Learning Disability and is a strong advocate for independent living. 


Pam Smith -Director


works for Release Potential as NVQ Assessor. Pam has a wealth of experience in learning disability mental health and Dementia and an exciting  recent addition to our board. 

You can find out more about Release Potential here 

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CQC ratings

CQC ratings