Survey comments and feedback

Every 6 months we ask people who use our service staff families and professionals what they think. a


Sample of survey comments - Service Users: 

“The staff at Accept Care are extremely good, there is never any discrimination and advice is there when needed”.

“I like living here because I have my own freedom, I can do what I want. The staff are marvellous”.

“I am happy with the staff. The staff support me even when I’m not here. They talk to me on the phone”. 

“I like that I can talk to the staff, I tell them when I am happy and when I’m worried about something. This week I have told them I am sad because this is when my mum died. I play my favourite songs when I am happy, and the staff sing and dance with me. I am happy today”.

Sample of survey comments - Professionals:

“Competent well led provider, always do their best for service users living in their care, work well with local authority care coordinators. Communicate changes in need of service users promptly to care coordinators. Pro-active, person-centred approach respond positively to advice/direction/issues. Person centred approach, go the extra mile for service users, provide good quality of life for service users. Safe, good working relationships with care coordinators/LD team staff”. 

“Always found staff to be great with all service users and very person centred. Always supported correctly and not discriminated against. Great advocates for service users. Great managers & staff kept very well informed. Great service, no complaints, would happily have my own family members in the service”.

Sample of survey comments - Family/Visitors:

“My daughter gets well looker after, the staff are really great with my relative, she’s got everything a person could ask for. I glad I put my daughter in Accept Care, she’s improved a lot, her independence. Her behaviour brilliant at moment, so am going to thank you all what done for my relative and keep her safe from harm”.  

“I have no complaints, whenever I see my relative, he seems quite happy and content”. 

“My relative is very well looked after, and staff make sure he is happy and always know when he is feeling a bit miserable and all his little ways”.

“We are very happy that our relative has settled into his new home. We feel he lives in a safe environment with support workers who understand him and are interested in his future development”.

“Thank you so much for the excellent care and support that is provided to my brother. This is the only residence which my relative has settled in and is testament to the caring staff”. 

Sample of survey comments - Staff:

“I love working at Accept Care. I have been here for many years and have worked with many clients and staff and can say honestly it is the best it has been. We all work as a team to improve the service to make it the best it could be. I believe we are supported fully with any concerns. My main aim to improve myself within my job role is that all the clients are happy, healthy and feel safe and supported by the whole team. It is a pleasure to arrive on duty each day”. 

“I am always fully supported by my manager. Any concerns I may have are listened to and resolved”.

“Love working for Accept Care. Feel fully supported by everyone. I am constantly learning new skills which enable me to do my job even better”. 

“I am privileged to work here as I have been welcomed into the team, great team get along with everyone, clients and staff. Great support network and teamwork everyone always very helpful. Manager and senior are fantastic at their jobs too, supports clients and staff in every way. Knew I’d like it from second interview, and I wasn’t wrong. Would like to say thank you to everyone”.

“It is my pleasure and honour to be working at Accept Care, to be part of a well-established responsible team. I am genuinely impressed by the attentive way management deal with any issues that I have solely happened on. In my experience I have not been greeted by any service user who is/were unhappy about their care”.

Surveys are an independent opportunity to tell us what you really think of our service, we really appreciate the time and effort of those people who chosen to participate. Thank you