What makes us different?



We think we spend more per person on every member of staff than any other support provider in Durham and probably beyond. We pay for all sessions and we don't do e-learning. (sitting in front of a computer pressing buttons) 

Support and mentoring

All staff get a buddy on starting with us. This is an experienced member of staff who you can ask daft questions to.  We also give regular supervisions at least one per week when you first start we then tailor them to your needs after you have settled in.

Person Centred Working

All of our policies and ways of working put clients first we also have "together for me" days where we focus on the person and what they want in life several times a year this involves staff and families. The person dictates who is at their meeting and these feed into their annual review. 

Active involvement by Directors

We have three out of 5 directors who know every client intimately and know what's important to them. As directors we are actively present within the services and known by everyone.  We think this is vitally important to know what is really going on within services. We are also proud of the fact that 3 out of 5 of our directors are female reversing a national trend of male dominated boards. 


We have a genuine client involved recruitment process. Staff arer vetted via formal interview with the managing director and the Training and Development Manager.  The second stage is where you meet service users who ask their own questions. (Sometimes they can be tougher than us!) We think this is vital for people to learn who they will be supporting. Prospective candidates must be successful in both interviews.